The user (customer) may make a request to his/her dealer and retailer within any reasonable situation. The manufacturer will provide warranty under the following conditions:

During the first twelve months of the warranty period (15 months for US Distributors), The Corporation will provide necessary spares for malfunctioned parts of new equipment due to production and manufacture error or damage. If the user (customer) has to bear labor costs, a new or refurbished part can be used for servicing. If equipment defects are caused by improper handling or failure to comply with manual requirements, this guarantee is invalid. Warranty services do not cover operations conducted by the dealer or user, such as arm installation, software download. Your warranty request must be made two months before the warranty is expired. All replaced or returned items are the property of the Corporation. This warranty does not cover other requests directly or indirectly related to equipment. No conditions of this warranty shall attempt to limit or exclude customer’s statutory rights or manufacturer’s responsibility for personal injury or death due to negligence. The warranty cannot be extended, even if it is the initial warranty. The Corporation reserves the right to charge customers for replacement or service costs, as long as no warranty terms are violated.

The above-mentioned rules shall not imply a change in the burden of proof to the detriment of the interests of customers. When equipment becomes defective, we are not liable for compensation for any indirect, incidental, special, or corresponding damage, including but not limited to profit loss, loss of use, production loss or other production equipment damage.

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