Partners – Grippers & End Effectors

To extend the capability of your Cobot, TechMan Robot USA partners with companies offering proven grippers and end effectors. Our experienced team of TM Robot engineers and the peripheral vendors calibrate and test each product to ensure the most reliable robot operating quality. Therefore, these End Effectors seamlessly integrate with the TechMan Robot TM5/TM12/TM14  to ensure optimal performance and user experience. 

We know that selecting the right peripheral equipment can be overwhelming. Our certified support team stands ready to assist you in selecting the right solution for your application to ensure the most reliable operating quality.

To view videos of our end effectors in use, visit our applications page.

End Effectors


Gripping units from SCHUNK are available for the TECHMAN ROBOT (TM5, TM12, and TM14 series. They offer easy set up and operation for numerous applications.
End Effectors

ATI Industrial Automation

ATI 9105-TM-Axia80 with TM Robot’s standard software function- Smart Insert Node can realize multiple insertion applications, which is one of the force sensors that bind with TM Robot. 



Gripping units from TOYO are ideal for parts handling. These force sensitive grippers can be set to be torque limited to ensure parts will not be damages during handling.


OnRobot’s products are compatible with TechMan Robots. With their Quick Changer now built right in, it allows them to work and collaborate with more cobots and light industrial robots than ever before.



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