TechMan Robot Palletizing Operator

Using the TechMan Robot Palletizer, users can start to palletize in 5 minutes. Able to tackle a wide variety of applications the TM Robot excels at end-of-line palletizing when utilizing the TM Palletizing Operator application based solution.

  • Up to 7 picks per minute or 140 lbs of boxes per minute.
  • Maximum stack height of 74 inches.
  • Onboard barcode reading capability utilizing the integrated vision. No need for an external reader.
  • The TMstudio Palletizing Wizard allows for simple palletizing setup including simulation and collision detection.
  • A safe solution with collaborative function offers more options to integrate with human coworkers safely.
  • Local support, training, and start-up assistance.

Download our Palletizer Spec Sheet

TM Operator

The TM Palletizing Operator is a plug-and-play operation system that is specifically designed for palletizing. Using the TechMan Robot Palletizer Operator it’s easy to be fully operational quickly with minimal programming experience. This ready to use, all-in-one application based robot cell using easy drag and drop programming and a built-in-vision system can seamlessly read barcodes and features automatic halt mechanism as an enhanced safety feature for human-robot operation. Developed with safety in mind, TechMan’s all-in-one palletizing solution is certified CE 12849-1 and ISO 102180-2.


TM Palletizing Operator is designed to stack cartons and products onto two palletizing stations. Users can use our smart software to design their own palletizing projects within minutes.

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