High Payload CoBot Series

High Payload CoBot capacity with increased reach

Our High Payload CoBot series features a payload capability greater than other collaborative robots on the market with a similar arm length, the TM12 and TM14 still remain simple, smart and safe. These high payload CoBot are easy to operate and still offer rapid deployment, reducing your automation and maintenance costs while increasing precision and production. The TM12 offers 12Kg payload and a 1300mm reach and the TM14 offers a 14Kg payload and 1100mm reach.

Download the TM 12/14 Spec Sheet

Built In Vision

The TM built-in vision system offers template matching, item positioning, image enhancement, barcode identification and color categorizing. All these functions have been integrated into our easy to use interface for simple programming.

Combining our smart vision system and our hand guiding functions, everyone, even those without programming experience, can achieve a visual pick and place task within 5 minutes.

TM12M/TM14M – Mobile Version Series

The TM-M series are powered by a DC 20-60V supply, making them compatible with most brands of AGVs and mobile vehicles, allowing TM-M robots to operate between two or more locations seamlessly.

High Payload TM12

TM 12

  • Reach: 1300
  • Payload: 12kg
  • Payload is greater than similar arm length CoBots on the market.
High Payload TM14

TM 14

  • Reach: 1100mm
  • Payload: 14kg
  • The highest load capability in the TM product series.
High Payload Applications


  • Semiconductor industry
  • Panel industry
  • CNC industry
  • Logistics
  • Polishing

Safety is our Priority

We take safety seriously through every aspect of the design of the whole robot system – through hardware, software and operational design

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