From automation to packaging, TechMan collaborative robots can be implemented in virtually any industry and in any process. By offering both regular and high payload capacity, we have a solution designed to fit your application. In addition, our robots are designed with safety as our priority. With programming that allows users to set both speed and force limits, employees can safely work alongside TechMan Collaborative Robots.

Not sure if collaborative robots are right for your company? Not sure where to start in implementing a CoBot into your facility? We have an experienced team of sales and engineers personnel ready to help you with product selection, integration, programming and training. Contact our TechMan Robot USA team to chat about your specific application.


TechMan Robot USA has CoBots deployed in a variety of applications. By utilizing our built in vision system and easy to use user interface, our customers can easily deploy our CoBots into a variety of applications from pick and place to sorting to packaging. Being able to easily deploy our solution reduces production time and saves your business money. To see our CoBot in action, check out the videos below. 

Force Control Deburring and Polishing Application

Pick & Place

Product Feature

3D Bin Picking

User Interface Demo


Do you have a unique application using our CoBot? We’d love to see your videos of our CoBot. Please contact us if you have a video of the TechMan Cobot in use in your facility.

Let’s build something together.