TechMan Robot USA Announces User-Friendly Operating Pendant

The new TP100-1 by NexCOBOT is a user-friendly handheld operating pendant that seamlessly integrates with the TM Robot to directly operate the robot. Designed with simplicity and comfort in mind, the TP100-1 features an ergonomic layout and rugged design that enables the operators to easily view the screen and comfortably hold the device for hours – it even supports left hand use.

The multi-touch PCAP touch screen monitor and 10.1” WXGA resolution panel is larger than competitive devices allowing users to easily operate the device. In addition, the membrane keys are easily accessible for customizable functions to streamline


With TechMan Robot’s focus on safety, it is not surprising that the TP-100-1incorporates many safety   a three position enabling switch, emergency stop, and ruggedized cabling so users can easily move around factory floors. 

Compatible to TM Robot HW3.2/SW 1.76.6300 and newer HW/SW version.

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